Best bathroom taps to shop in 2023 to upgrade your sink | Evening Standard

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Best bathroom taps to shop in 2023 to upgrade your sink | Evening Standard

Bathroom renovations are hard work, but once the tough jobs have been finished, it’s all fun and games when it comes to choosing the fixtures. 

From shower screens and showerheads to bathroom lights and bath mats, there are plenty of options to consider, and each one will add to the aesthetic and character of your bathroom. 

One of the easiest ways to elevate your bathroom is by choosing chic taps. Swapping the ones on your bath and sink will add a special touch to your space and help create a nicer vibe than by just sticking with the bog standard. 

For inspiration, look to London’s big clubs and restaurants where bathrooms are given as much consideration as the tableware and menu. Their statement finishings can give you an idea of what is possible without having to fork out for a top interior designer.

You may need a professional to do the installation, especially if your DIY skills aren’t up to it. The main thing to think about is the type of tap you’re looking for, be it an individual or a mixer tap that combines both hot and cold water, funnelling them out into a single outlet. By going for one that will fit into your existing bath, shower or sink configuration, you’ll be sparing yourself a lot of effort in the long run. 

Whether you’re doing up your bathroom from scratch or you’re looking for an easy way to update your space, we’ve rounded up the nicest-looking bathroom taps that promise to take your room to the next level. From polished chrome and opulent gold-hued options, see the best bathroom taps below.

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Tap or indoor water feature? If you’re picturing a super-stylish bathroom but your budget won’t allow for too much extravagance, splashing out on a fancy tap like this can lift the entire space. Looking almost cobra-like in form, this tap works by pushing back the lever which sends water flowing down the centre of the curve. Also available in black and chrome, it’s a sure-fire way to get guests talking. Comes with a five-year warranty.

If whimsical is part of your bathroom decor mood board, you’ll adore this swan-themed tap available on Amazon with Prime delivery for members. Made from brass and plated with chrome the makers promise it will not corrode or change colour. Water flows from a single lever operation, cascading out through the swan’s mouth and into the basin below. The purchase comes with all mounting hardware included as well as assembly instructions so you can have a go DIYing it if you like. Comes with a 30-day return policy and a 10-year warranty.

Who needs to spend money on a country minibreak when you can daydream in the tub soaking in water that’s tumbled out of this vintage-look mixer tap? The perfect partner to a rolltop bath, the brass design comes with twisty crosshandle taps to trigger cold and hot water which can either come from their individual taps or through the telephone-style Victorian-look showerhead. Sold with all fittings and a detailed installation guide to get you on your way.

A bathroom tap with theatre, this sink mixer tap design channels water out of the top before it falls, waterfall-like, off the rim. It’s little details like this that sets this mixer tap apart from the competition. Suitable for both high and low water pressure systems, it’s a water-saving design too thanks to a built-in regulator that keeps an eye on water usage.

Proving that you don’t have to spend a ton for a quick bathroom upgrade, this set of two bathroom taps are easy on the eye as well as the wallet. The leak-proof design ensures there’s no annoying drip-drip of water while the zinc alloy and ceramic construction means they’re easy to keep looking cleaner for longer. Red and blue spots on the top of each tap make sure that you won’t get the hot and cold water muddled up.

Crafted in Italy, this vintage-looking tap is part of Belfry Bathroom’s Alexandrina range and comes in antique brass and matt black options as well as chrome. There are two handles to control both hot and cold water points with either option pouring out of one spout. A rough-in valve is built into the unit and regulates the temperature and flow of water. Comes with a 10-year warranty.

Designed for a kitchen, there’s no reason why you can’t transplant this statement tap into the bathroom - all you need to ensure is that there is enough height clearance over the sink, so it’s not one for basins set under bathroom cabinets. The elegant brass design with white ceramic discs on the handle is water- and energy-efficient too, stopping unnecessary wastage from drip-dripping into your household bills.

Love nothing more than soaking in the tub after a long day? Invest in a designer tap to make your ‘me time’ that touch more decadent. Lusso is a company that offers fancy fixtures, including this brushed gold mixer tap which can be fixed onto the wall. Made for both high and low water pressure systems, it comes fitted with a Citec ceramic cartridge and a Neoperl aerator to facilitate a smooth, regulated flow. Sold with a 15-year guarantee.

With bathrooms traditionally a clean white room, adding an injection of colour is a superb way of adding a sense of play to daily washing and cleaning. Dowsing & Reynolds has just the thing; this flamingo pink curved tap. Made for the kitchen sink, its another design to reimagine in another room, as long as the dimensions allow. This comes with a matching sink strainer.

Best bathroom taps to shop in 2023 to upgrade your sink | Evening Standard

Jupiter Serie Add a spot of escapism to your bathroom set up with this brushed brass spout made to sit over the bathtub. Best installed by a professional plumber, water will flow from the narrow mouth sandwiched between the panels.