Nanotech Energy announces 18650 lithium-ion battery that resists burning down homes and cars - News

Nanotech Energy has released an innovative 18650 lithium-ion battery. Unlike conventional lithium-ion batteries, the Nanotech battery is built using graphene and a proprietary electrolyte that does not catch fire or explode when stressed. Safer EV cars, e-scooters, power banks, and electronic devices can be made using these batteries.

Lithium batteries power today’s electronics for their high power density, the ability to store a large amount of energy in a small space. Unfortunately, lithium batteries are sensitive to overcharging, pressure, heat, and other stresses. The liquid electrolyte used inside conventional lithium cells is very flammable, and spontaneous fires can start when the separator fails to keep the positive and negative elements apart. Motorcycle Battery

Nanotech Energy announces 18650 lithium-ion battery that resists burning down homes and cars - News

When this occurs, Tesla to e-scooter battery fires have injured many while destroying homes and property because lithium fires are nearly impossible to put out by traditional firefighting techniques. For example, one recent Tesla fire took over 36,000 gallons of water over an hour to extinguish thousands of burning cells. To avoid the fate of those who died in NY this year from lithium fires, make sure your house is equipped with working fire alarms (like this at Amazon).

Nanotech Energy lithium-ion batteries are made in America and designed to operate from -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to +60° C). The cells will not catch fire up to 356° F (180° C). Their batteries can be made in various sizes for commercial users. Partner Voltaplex is accepting 18650 pre-orders.

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Non-flammable battery now available to public; promises to end e-bike fires

New 18650 Nanotech Energy cell harnesses graphene and US manufacturing to power unprecedented era in battery technology

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, Fla., Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- American consumers can now eliminate the risk of devastating e-bike battery fires after Nanotech Energy's inherently safe 18650 cells went on public sale through its commercialization partner Voltaplex.

Non-flammable battery now available to public; promises to end e-bike fires

The cells, which are currently available for pre-order, bring together Nanotech Energy's electrolyte and proprietary electrodes with Soteria metallized polymer current collectors to make a major advance in battery technology. The result is a 100% American-made non-flammable lithium-ion battery pack that has shown its strength and resilience by surviving a remarkable abuse test involving a 4.5BRA bullet shot at a speed of 2,917 feet per second.

The cells available from the Voltaplex website are suitable for e-bike, robotics, medical, and military applications. They are manufactured exclusively in Nanotech Energy's new 50,000ft2 Chico 2 production plant in Chico, CA.

Curtis Collar, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Nanotech Energy, said: "Every month in 2023, we've read about the devastating impact of huge fires caused by cheap, dangerous batteries that have cost people their homes, their businesses, and even their lives. Today, we say enough is enough."

Brian Morin, CEO at Voltaplex and Soteria "It has been a privilege to work with the talented team at Nanotech to help develop this groundbreaking American-made battery cell. Combining Nanotech's non-flammable electrolyte with Soteria's current collector that acts like a fuse inside the battery provides a unique combination of safety in a cell that can take tremendous damage without igniting. With over 100 companies having already preordered the cell, we look forward to working with the industry to implement this new level of safety. "

To pre-order your safe cells, please visit

About Nanotech Energy Nanotech Energy is on a mission to bring transformative, graphene-based, energy storage products from the research lab to the mass market. Its very high surface area, single layer graphene material is already being used in multiple applications, including non-flammable lithium-ion batteries, transparent conducting electrodes, conductive inks, printed electronics, conductive epoxy, antistatic coatings and EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding.

Nanotech Energy announces 18650 lithium-ion battery that resists burning down homes and cars - News

Diy Solar Battery Bank 18650 Founded in 2014 by Dr. Jack Kavanaugh and noted UCLA scientists, Dr. Richard Kaner and Dr. Maher El-Kady, Nanotech Energy is headquartered in Los Angeles and is a privately held company backed by Multiverse Investment Fund, Fubon Financial Group, and other strategic investors. Learn more at