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There's no more luxurious travel moment than kicking off your shoes after a long day of sightseeing and slipping those throbbing feet into a pair of lush hotel slippers. With your feet propped up on the bed, fuzzy lining soothes your soles—and your soul. But the harsh reality comes rushing in once you stand up. A few trips around the hotel room, and you realize, they’re nothing more than glorified feet warmers. Flip Flops

19 Best Arch Support Slippers to Keep Feet Comfy on the Road (2023) | Condé Nast Traveler

While our step counts in travel slippers may pale in comparison to our walking shoes, we also wear them at a time of recovery when our feet need them most—and for many of us, that means it’s just as essential to find slippers with the same arch support as in everyday shoes.

For years, I didn’t want to waste room in my suitcase on something I’d use so little, so I wore an old pair of Havaianas—that were also my beach flip-flops—as hotel slippers. But since I have no natural arch and started to suffer posterior tibial tendonitis, doctors told me that I shouldn’t take a single step without proper arch support. So I started wearing Birkenstock Arizona sandals at home, and as bulky as they are, they also began to accompany me on trips.

Ensuring that no step goes unsupported has paid off. On a recent trip to California where I only wore Hoka Clifton 9 shoes by day and those Birks in the hotel room—and on a few casual walks around the hotel in Palm Springs—I realized on my return flight that I had absolutely zero foot pain for the first time in nearly three years.

While it’s tempting to judge slippers by their coziness, in many ways, the simplest flat ones—like the hotel-provided ones on a thin layer of foam—are as detrimental as flip-flops to your feet.

“Arch-support slippers are a specific type of slipper that has an increased arch to help maintain neutral alignment of the foot,” podiatrist Dr. Sara Mateen of Hackensack University Medical Center says.

“I would recommend travelers to shop around and try on different types of slippers to see which ones feel best,” she says. “Not all shoes are alike so I would see what feels good to each individual.” If you're looking for a place to start, she says Oofos, Vionic, and Orthofeet offer consistent support.

In general, Mateen says, it’s those with flat feet who benefit the most from arch support. “This is because excessive flattening can lead to chronic foot conditions such as heel pain, arch pain, and even lead to hip and knee pain,” she says. Those with a more standard arch or high arches “may not find the arch slippers as comfortable.”

If you don’t know what kind of foot type you have, she says that running shoe stores can help with diagnoses. But if there's any pain involved, it’s important to speak to a foot and ankle specialist for medical attention.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about keeping your feet healthy on the go, since arch support “can allow proper alignment of the foot biomechanics, particularly those with a flatfoot and low arch," Mateen says.

Travelers who spend their days in supported shoes often have the instinct to switch into comfortable house slippers indoors, but that can do more damage. “If they do not have support similar to their daytime shoes, this can cause pain of the foot and ankle,” she says. “I tell patients that we should think of orthotics or arch support similarly to reading glasses: Those who need reading glasses will use them regularly and arch support is no different!”

It’s also important to remember that wear and tear applies to arch support too. “I would also recommend changing out your slippers once you feel like they aren’t as supportive as they used to be, just like regular running shoes or everyday wear,” Mateen says.

With all of these factors in mind, we rounded up 19 of the best arch support slippers to keep you supported on your travels.

These leather “haus” slippers, as FitFlop calls them, are so fancy, you’ll almost forget they’re loungewear (maybe they’re not!). The loafer-style shoes, available in both black and tan, are made of soft leather with a slip-resistant rubber bottom, and of course, still have the label’s iQushion midsole with ergonomically shaped cushioning and contoured arches.

With plaid stitching, a decorative button, and a crossover band, there’s an inherent coziness factor to Vionic’s Carlin slipper (it’s something you could imagine Mister Rogers wearing). Available in three colorways—wine, light gray, and black—the mule is so plushy it’s hard to believe it’s paired with the brand’s tried-and-true footbed with ample support, earning it the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance.

A Birkenstock that's an actual slipper? Yes, it exists. Complete with the iconic cork-latex footbed, the Zermatt takes that sturdy orthopedic support and graces it with genuine shearling and wool to provide a dreamy contrast of solid and soft.

One look at these felt slippers with a rubber sole and you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy. After all, the natural wool will keep you toasty, while wicking away moisture. But the true beauty of the Glerups is in the simplicity: the shoe naturally molds to the foot shape of the wearer. Slip right into the warmth in seven shades, including a sweet cranberry red and soothing petrol teal.

With Vionic’s trusted arch support insoles, we couldn’t resist adding another pick to this list—especially these easy-to-wear mules designed with durable rubber soles strong enough to go from indoors to outdoors. Whether you choose from one of its two plaid patterns or one of its four solid shades, the faux shearling-covered EVA footbed is guaranteed to make every step lighter.

Orthopedic shoes can get a bad rap for being chunky and style-less. But the Orthofeet Charlotte has a classic mule silhouette, enhanced with a suede upper and faux fur lining—and truly goes the distance in features that are all about keeping your feet happy. That includes a wide toe box offering room for foot swelling or bunions, a soft rocker ergonomic sole for an extra lift with every step, an adjustable strap to create a custom fit, and a specially-designed orthotic insole with an anatomical arch support that “realigns the foot and entire body posture,” the brand says.

From the B Corp brand best known for its arch-support socks, Bombas' Sunday Slipper is as cozy as its name implies—yet bears a solid base and sole that provides the support of outdoor shoes. That's because it has a EVA midsole paired with memory foam that cradles your foot but is covered all over with sherpa for a relaxing fit.

There’s a smoking shoe–like classiness radiating from these slippers, adorned with faux shearling to cinch in their coziness. Available in four shades of suede, the Vionic shoe features the same footbed with sturdy arch support as the brand’s sandals, complete with textured rubber outsoles so that they can also be worn outside of the house.

While they may be best known for their slides, Oofos also offers a low shoe that has all the built-in recovery technology of its other footbeds. This slip-on style, which I've been wearing around the house lately, has a foam footbed that absorbs 37 percent more impact and comes complete with sherpa detailing. It’s the best of both worlds, serving as an uber-lightweight shoe that still manages to support my arches in the process. As a bonus, the closed cell foam means that it’s machine washable, making it easy to wick away any germs picked up on your travels.

Stabilization is key with Powerstep’s ArchWear shoes and the built-in support that their insoles have. That means a deep heel cup to cradle the foot along with a curved design that supports the arch to prevent feet from pronating, or rolling inward, while walking, which can lead to permanent foot pain (that’s my issue!). The men’s style comes as a closed-back shoe, with a heel-tab to slip on easily, but a women’s version is also available in clog form.

These Birkenstock Uttis are a bit like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. On the outside, they look like suede moccasin slippers, but the inside features the brand’s renowned footbed—including its strong arch support—in the form of its Deep Blue Footbed, a four-layer orthopedic design with a microfiber lining atop the famed cork-shaped layer, and a woven jute and shock-absorbing layer underneath.

Kuru’s Loft shoe isn’t just about addressing foot pain, it’s about preventing it. With a dual-density polyurethane insole, contoured arch, and thoughtfully designed heel cup, it’s meant to point feet in the right direction, so common conditions like plantar fasciitis don’t creep up while you’re traveling. Weighing 12.7 ounces with a suede outer and faux-fur lining, it has all the comforts of a slipper with the strength of a support sneaker.

While these double-face wool slip-ons—available in six solid colors and three shades of leopard print, with a cork-looking thermoplastic rubber outsole—boast a cozy après-ski look, what really sets them apart is the removable footbed. Providing both arch and metatarsal support, the insole is made of premium polyurethane bottom and a wool lining, to truly cradle your foot in warmth and support.

"Talk about cute and comfy. A flexible midsole, an orthotic footbed, and plush terry cloth fabric? My feet have never been happier.” Those words came from none other than Oprah Winfrey herself about Vionic’s Relax slippers—which we can absolutely vouch for, too. The brand’s patented insoles offer sturdy support that hugs the arch firmly, yet the fuzzy footbed keeps you focused on comfort. Available in five colors, including a leopard print, the shoe also boasts an APMA's Seal of Acceptance.

There's a secret touch that makes these slides so soft: They’re not just lined with sheep shearling on the upper, but the entire footbed is as well. Paired with superlight air foam cushioning, these Fitflops are super light and look like they’re suited for the great indoors, but are built to last outdoors, too. On top of that, the insole is all about you, with footbeds that are anatomically shaped to mirror your foot curves for arch contouring that feels custom.

Two-in-one travel gear doesn’t just lighten your luggage, it’s also more eco-friendly. These Oofos slides’ simple style checks off multiple uses on your travels: They're versatile enough to wear as indoor slippers, spa day comfort wear, or beach day footwear. However you use it, the brand—well known among marathoners and other athletes for its recovery slides—has a patented footbed that is both lightweight and contours to the arch effectively, cutting down on stress to the ankles, knees, and joints.

With nearly 23,000 ratings on Amazon averaging 4.3 stars, these slippers—available in 10 designs—have a trio of features that are all a treat for the feet. The contoured footbed helps with alignment and weight (and stress!) distribution, the deep heel cups help cradle the leg in the right direction, and, of course, strong arch support. As one shopper recently commented, “My back does better when I use these and the adjustable foot strap-cover is great on days when it looks like your foot has changed in size.”

The cushioned arch support in Ecco’s Cozmos strikes just what your feet crave after a day out. It’s firm, but not too firm, cushioned, but still solidly supportive. Plus, the patent leather black and nude shades and shimmery silver and white gold colors make them wearable as resort wear as well. Plus, the comfortable outsole and sturdy traction mean that they can also go the distance.

I know, these don’t exactly read as house slippers, but the classic Birkenstocks have served as indoor footwear for me ever since my flatfoot started causing foot pain nearly three years ago—and have been transformational in my life. Since my issues are severe, I need that hard surface of the cork-latex footbed to really guide my foot (and leg, and really, whole body!) in the right direction. While there is also a lightweight Eva version called Arizona Essentials—which are waterproof—personally, they don’t offer enough support for me. The happenstance is that these Birks have become trendy again since they’ve become my necessity, so I’m also able to get away with them out and about on trips.

Want more options? Check out our top picks for men's slippers and women's slippers.

By Kristi Kellogg and Erinne Magee

By Kristi Kellogg and Paris Wilson

By Kristi Kellogg and Meaghan Kenny

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