6 Best Smart Mirrors of 2023 | Smart Mirror Reviews

Level up your lifestyle with a smart mirror that tells you the weather, gives you traffic reports, and streams fitness classes—right from your home.

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6 Best Smart Mirrors of 2023 | Smart Mirror Reviews

The first hours of your day are arguably the most important. A solid morning routine can make space for productivity, focus, and a more organized lifestyle. If the thought of getting ready in the wee hours of the day is enough to send you back to bed, a smart mirror fit with daily updates, reminders, and exercise classes might be just the thing to help you wake up on the right side of the bed.

Smart mirrors are two-way mirrors with an electronic display behind the front layer of glass. They have special features that make them more than just a surface to look at your reflection in: Some keep you updated on the weather and traffic conditions, while more advanced options can serve as home workout stations. There are also simple options with adjustable lighting and Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts.

With a smart mirror, you can get access to useful information, fitness trainers, and more right at your fingertips. Here are the best smart mirrors for your bathroom, bedroom, or home gym.

Since smart technology can run you hundreds of dollars, it’s important to get a smart mirror that checks all of your boxes.

Depending on the model, smart mirrors can serve different purposes. Smart mirrors that are designed to hang in your bathroom often have basic features, like a defogging setting to get rid of steam or dimmable lights for better ambiance.

If you exercise regularly, a fitness smart mirror may be just what you need to complete your home gym. They often come equipped with access to workout classes and personal trainers, and typically come with apps or compatibility to track your goals.

Some smart mirrors only work when mounted one way, while others work in vertical or horizontal orientations. If you’re planning to hang your smart mirror in a master bathroom with a double sink, pick a smart mirror that hangs horizontally. If you’re using it for exercise, vertical mounting is probably the best way to utilize the space.

Most smart mirrors have bare-bones connectivity options—at least built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity—for controlling the mirror from your phone or streaming music or podcasts. Some more advanced options can connect to your home security system so you can control doorbells and cameras right from the mirror.

We researched several smart mirror models with a variety of capabilities, prices, and included features. We looked at accessibility, paying attention to smart mirrors with full menu panels on the display screen and models that can be controlled by an app. We considered dimensions and mounting type, and thought about the rooms in your house where you might benefit from a smart mirror. Here are the best smart mirrors on the market.

The Hilo XL smart mirror is a one-stop-shop to access your favorite networking and social media sites, fitness apps, home security, and beyond—all from your bathroom or entryway. With its own app store, you can download anything your household uses to stay organized or entertained.

The 21.5-inch screen is fully interactive with touch and the smart mirror has an IP65 rating, meaning it resists damage from water, condensation, and spray—necessary for the bathroom. There are motion sensors to detect movement, so the mirror turns on when you’re close by.

You can stream music, YouTube videos, streaming TV, and exercise classes with the built-in Wi-Fi and two high-quality Bluetooth speakers. This is a great pick for bathrooms, bedrooms, or home gyms.

Revamping your bathroom doesn’t have to mean an entire gut and redo. A smart mirror like this sleek, frameless one from Byecold is a great multipurpose focal point in your space.

This mirror is simple, with just one touch button along the bottom of the screen so you can easily access major features like time and date. The defogger eliminates condensation and steam from a hot shower, and the backlighting is adjustable to warm or light tones to be easier on your eyes at night or first thing in the morning.

There is a dedicated app available that is compatible with Androids and Apple devices, so you can customize your display experience from your phone.

This modern smart mirror is savvy and affordable, with no more features than you really need. The on-screen buttons allow you to adjust the defogger, brightness, and Bluetooth connectivity, with built-in speakers for listening to your favorite music or podcasts.

This mirror is versatile, mounting horizontally or vertically, and you can hardwire it if you want to turn it on and off with a wall switch.

Having your own personal concert in the shower has never been easier—this smart mirror comes with dual Bluetooth speakers for 360-degree surround sound. Thanks to the defogging feature, you don’t have to deal with lingering steam (although, with an IP54 rating, the mirror is safe from dust buildup and water).

There are three different color temperature settings for the lights—white, warm, and daylight—and they’re all dimmable to match the mood. Just long-press the button on the screen for seamless adjustment.

Save yourself a trip to your crowded local gym and work out at home instead with this smart fitness-training mirror. Just tap the embedded touch screen to access your Echelon membership, which includes workout classes like HIIT, yoga, pilates and more.

You can view your reflection as a trainer guides you through an exercise, so you can monitor and alter your form as needed. There’s also a built-in camera for live workout sessions. The system display monitors your real-time stats, like your heart rate or calories burned, to motivate you through your workout.

The mirror comes with 30 days of Echelon Premier for free and costs about $35 per month after the trial, which may seem like a lot—but it’s peanuts compared to a gym membership.

Start your morning off right with glowing, natural light from your LED smart mirror. This design has three different temperature settings that can be dimmed, and the memory button recalls the last setting so you don’t have to alter controls every time you want to use the mirror.

There is an included wireless wall switch, so you can control the mirror from anywhere in the room. The smart mirror can be powered by plug or hardwire, so it’s a great fit for more than just your bathroom. It comes with warm and cool dimmable lights and a Bluetooth speaker for streaming audio, though some users say the speakers aren’t great quality.

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