The 10 Best Potting Benches of 2023

These potting benches will help streamline your garden tasks and keep tools handy.

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The 10 Best Potting Benches of 2023

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Instead of sitting or kneeling on the ground to pot your plants, consider investing in a potting bench. “A well-designed potting bench provides a handy place to store commonly used tools, bags of potting mix, and other essentials so they’re handy when you need them,” says Justin Hancock, a horticulturalist with Costa Farms. 

 Before you purchase a potting bench, be sure to consider what size of bench will fit in your space, how much work area and storage space you are likely to need, and whether you will be placing it inside or outside. 

Look for features that will help you more easily get your gardening chores done. For example, a dry sink can provide a handy place to mix potting soil, an expandable worktop can offer extra space for working on several planters at once, and wheels can help you move the potting bench where you need it. If you’ll be keeping the potting bench outside, choose a model made from weather-resistant wood or metal that can withstand the elements.

This potting bench features a hidden dry sink, generous storage space, and optional locking wheels—all at an affordable price.

Overall, we chose the Best Choice Products Mobile Garden Potting Bench as the best potting bench. The wood tabletop can slide apart to reveal a hidden dry sink for mixing soil or storing it for your next potting session. With this set-up, there is still plenty of space to work on both sides of the sink.

This bench also has several areas for storage thanks to a lower shelf, two small upper shelves, and hooks for tools on the unit’s front. You can choose whether you want to add the wheels, depending on whether you plan to move it around often or keep it in one place. If you do add the wheels, each includes a lock to prevent the bench from sliding around while you’re working. 

Unlike some potting benches that come untreated, this one is finished with a water-based stain to help protect the fir wood from the elements. In addition to this natural stain, it’s also available with a gray stain.

Measuring 39.5 inches wide and 18 inches deep, it provides a generous amount of workspace. It also has a weight capacity of 150 pounds, which is sturdy enough for most storage needs. Overall, this potting bench provides plenty of storage and a workspace at an affordable price. However, keep in mind that assembly is required. 

Price at time of publish: $160

Product Details: Dimensions: 39.5 x 58.25 x 18 inches | Material: Fir wood | Key Features: Expandable sliding tabletop, dry sink, optional wheels

This bench gives you quite a bit of storage for the price, including two shelves and metal hooks on the side for hanging garden tools.

It doesn’t have a dry sink for mixing soil.

You get a lot of hardworking features without spending a ton of money when you purchase this  potting bench. It includes a metal worktop that’s easy to clean, and two shelves below it that are tall enough to store standard-size pots and at least some bags of potting soil. Three iron hooks on the side of the bench add convenient hanging storage for gardening tools as well.

Thanks to its waterproof top and durable fir wood frame, this bench can be used either indoors and outdoors. It can be left as is or you can add varnish and or paint later for extra protection—and a bit of fun color. Four plastic foot covers add sturdiness and help protect the bench from standing water. 

A 3-inch tall border around three of the sides of the worktop helps contain the mess to some degree, although it does not come with a decorative back or shelf up top like some potting benches include. It’s easy to assemble, although two adults will likely be needed. 

With a work surface measuring 29 inches wide by 14 inches deep, it’s not as big as many of our top picks (some of which measure nearly 4 feet wide or even more), but it does allow enough room to pot up at least one plant at a time. It would make the perfect addition to a small patio or inside a greenhouse.

Price at time of publish: $58

Product Details: Dimensions: 30.31 x 35.43 x 14.57 inches | Material: Fir with metal top | Key Features: Shelves, hooks, metal worktop

Made of quality materials and finished to hold up to the elements, this potting bench gets high marks for durability. Plus, it offers an abundance of storage options as well.

It’s heavier than many other potting benches, so it will be harder to move around than lighter units with wheels.

This potting bench is quite a bit more expensive than many on the market, but it’s a great choice if you want a fine piece of furniture that’s made from quality materials and provides a generous work area.

It’s made from acacia wood, which is water resistant and stands up well to the elements. For extra protection, it’s finished with a teak stain and sealed with linseed oil. A galvanized steel top resists rust, so you don’t have to worry about rain or the mess that goes hand-in-hand with potting plants. 

The best potting benches provide a generous amount of storage, and this one doesn’t disappoint in that regard. It features two lower slatted shelves which allow water to drain through, two drawers to keep tools within easy reach, and an upper hutch for display.

Stainless steel towel bars and hooks on both sides help this piece function equally well as a gardening station or an outdoor bar cart. Its generous size (49.24 inches wide and 22 inches deep) means that you can easily spread out as you work. Stainless steel casters (two of which are locking) make it easier to move this potting bench if needed.

Keep in mind that because this piece weighs nearly 100 pounds, it’s a bit too heavy to move often. In general, if you don’t mind spending extra money for quality and durability, this is the best potting bench for those who are able to splurge.   

Price at time of publish: $590

Product Details: Dimensions: 49.25 x 44.25 x 22 inches | Material: Acacia wood, galvanized steel top | Key Features: Drawers, hooks, hutch, casters

It has several handy storage compartments to help you stash everything from hand tools to bags of potting mix.

There isn’t a dry sink, and it doesn’t have wheels.

The best potting benches have plenty of storage for all your gardening accessories. Able to hold up to 220 pounds and featuring abundant storage, this potting bench is ready for any gardening task. The work surface is roughly 44 inches long and 18 inches wide, offering generous space for potting or repotting plants.

Plus, the bench helps you keep all your gear organized with a built-in drawer, a cabinet that’s ideal for large bags of potting soil (and includes a latch to help keep small children away from any potentially harmful items), and three side hooks for hanging a few of your favorite gardening tools.

It also includes a lower shelf next to the cabinet and a shelf up top where you can display some small potted plants or other decorative items. Because of all the storage under the worktop, though, there is no room left to include a dry sink in this potting bench. It also doesn’t have wheels, so it may be difficult to move around. 

The bench is made of fir wood, which holds up well to the elements. If you plan to keep your potting bench outside, it can be sealed after purchase for better long-term durability. A durable metal top helps minimize scratches and stains that can easily happen if you are potting plants on a wood surface.

Price at time of publish: $135

Product Details: Dimensions: 44.1 x 49.2 x 18.3 inches | Material: Fir wood with metal top | Key Features: Built-in drawer, cabinet, side hooks, top shelf

This simple potting bench has an adjustable shelf and a canvas bin for trimmings or soil.

This bench can only hold a limited amount of weight—certainly not as much as some bulkier units.

This potting bench has a simple, clean look that can fit into modern surroundings, but its streamlined design conceals handy features that are practical as well. With a sturdy metal frame and composite slats on top that are made from recycled materials, it’s both durable and eco-friendly.

You can remove one section of the top to gain access to a removable canvas bin for collecting extra soil or garden clippings. The potting bench also features a metal shelf at the bottom for storing gardening supplies. We appreciate that the bottom shelf is adjustable, so you can move the shelf higher to make it easy to reach garden tools or install it lower to accommodate large bags of potting soil. 

Weighing just over 22 pounds, this potting bench is lightweight so it’s easy to move around. However, it won’t hold as much weight as some bulkier units since each shelf can only hold up to 30 pounds.

You do need to assemble it, but it’s simple to put together—you just need a screwdriver. At 32 inches tall, it’s comfortable for most people when they’re working while standing. At 39 inches wide and 15 inches deep, the worktop also offers enough space to spread things out a little (while also still fitting well into smaller spaces). 

Price at time of publish: $100

Product Details: Dimensions: 39 x 32 x 15 inches | Material: Metal frame and composite wood top | Key Features: Adjustable bottom shelf, bin for trimming

This potting bench pairs a dry sink for easy clean-up with smart storage for gardening gear.

There isn’t a cover for the sink to gain additional workspace.

This potting bench offers plenty of flexibility with a spacious top and a dry sink for mixing potting soil or collecting clippings. It also includes a generous amount of storage for gardening supplies. 

There are two shorter shelves below the worktop on one side of the potting bench, and one taller shelf on the other side. With this setup, you’ll have plenty of surface area for storing all sorts of gardening pots and tools, but also enough clearance to accommodate large bags of potting soil. For additional storage, there are side hooks, a thinner shelf across the top of the bench, and a drawer. 

Made of fir wood, it’s weather resistant so it can withstand the elements. Measuring 46 inches wide by 17.75 inches deep, the potting bench work area provides a decent amount of workspace beside the sink. However, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to cover the sink and gain more work area, as some potting benches with hidden sinks do. 

Price at time of publish: $144

Product Details: Dimensions: 46 x 47.2 x 17.75 inches | Material: Fir wood | Key Features: Dry sink, multiple shelves, hooks, built-in drawer

With a rustic look, this potting bench adds a decorative flair to your garden work area. Plus, you can fold it up when the gardening season is over to easily store it away.

It doesn’t have any drawers for additional storage.

This metal potting bench has a little more of an ornate or rustic look compared to other potting benches on our list. Made of metal, it comes with a built-in bag for stashing clippings or gathering up spilled soil when potting plants. There’s a lid on top of the bag to contain the mess and ensure there are no accidental spills.

A grid backsplash features five hooks for hanging small garden tools, like garden trowels, and a lower shelf offers storage below (with a 4-inch-high back around the shelf to keep supplies in place). The grid design of the worktop and lower shelf ensures water doesn’t pool on the surface if it rains.

Our favorite feature is its collapsible design—it folds flat so you can easily store it away in an outdoor shed or a garage during the off-season. As an added bonus, this design means that it comes fully assembled—you just need to unfold it.

While this potting bench is plenty sturdy enough for many purposes, it can’t hold as much weight as some bulkier potting benches. The work top can hold a maximum of 66 pounds, and the bottom shelf can hold up to 44 pounds.

In comparison, several of our other picks have a total weight capacity of 200 to 250 pounds. Measuring 32.5 inches wide by 16.25 inches deep, the work area is generous enough for potting small and medium-sized planters.  

Price at time of publish: $85

Product Details: Dimensions: 33.5 x 47.25 x 17 inches | Material: Metal | Key Features: Built-in bag, hooks, bottom shelf, foldable design

This bench is made of cedar, one of the best woods for standing up to the elements. It also includes a hidden dry sink with a hinged lid.

Assembly can take around two hours to complete.

First and foremost, this bench gets high marks because it’s made from cedar. Many other potting benches are built from fir wood, which is weather-resistant, but cedar is considered to be even more durable. 

Measuring 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep, this potting bench provides a generous workspace so you can easily repot more than one plant at once. We also love that the worktop features a hinged lid that opens up to reveal a dry sink, adding even more convenience to the work area. The countertop is 34-inches tall, which will reduce the need for bending or stooping. 

There is a shelf at the bottom of the potting bench for larger items, and a thinner shelf at the top for smaller items like seed starting pots or seed packets. The cedar on this potting bench will naturally weather to a rustic gray hue when it’s left outside—or you can paint or stain it if you prefer.

Assembly will take about two hours, so it does require a little patience to put together, but the holes are pre-drilled and instructions are easy to follow. 

Price at time of publish: $299

Product Details: Dimensions: 43 x 51 x 23 inches | Material: Red cedar | Key Features: Hidden dry sink, shelves

It has a 176-pound weight capacity, and it’s weather resistant.

There aren’t storage hooks to hang tools from.

Potting benches with hidden sinks allow you to have both a sink and a generous worktop. When closed, the worktop on this potting bench is 39.25 inches wide, but when you expand the top to reveal the sink, you end up with a work area that’s 58.25 inches wide in total. This is a helpful feature if you have multiple plants that need to be repotted or if you are working on planting seeds in starting trays. 

In addition to the sink and worktop, this potting bench also provides plenty of storage space with a slatted bottom shelf that allows water to drain through it. There is also a narrow shelf above the worktop for displaying small planters or holding tools. This potting bench can hold even heavy planters—the bench’s countertop can hold up to 176 pounds, and the bottom shelf can hold up to 55 pounds. 

The fir wood on this potting bench is untreated, so you may want to stain, paint, or seal it to add durability, especially if you will be placing it outdoors. Also, because of the extendable top, there is no backsplash around the worktop to help contain the mess of potting plants. It does require assembly, but the instructions are easy to follow. 

Price at time of publish: $135

Product Details: Dimensions: 39.25 x 55 x 17.75 inches | Material: Fir wood | Key Features: Dry sink, expandable top, shelves

Interchangeable bins and shelves add flexibility.

This potting bench’s compact size limits the space available for potting plants.

There’s no doubt you’ll be able to easily push this potting bench around your garden or patio, thanks to its two wheels and compact size. It’s also only 25.9 pounds, which is lighter than other potting benches on our list. 

We like the fact that the shelves and bins are interchangeable so you can set it up to fit your specific needs. For example, it includes a removable 4-inch deep bin that you can use for mixing potting soil or use as storage (just cover the hole on top with the included grate). This potting bench also includes slots on the side for garden tools and a handle that can double as a towel rod. 

It’s made of a durable resin material that is easy to clean off with a garden hose after use. Although its small size makes it easy to move, the bench doesn’t offer as much workspace as larger potting benches. 

Price at time of publish: $147

Product Details: Dimensions: 24 x 33 x 33 inches | Material: Resin | Key Features: Interchangeable shelves and bins, wheels, tool slots

After researching potting benches of different sizes and different materials, we chose the Best Choice Products Mobile Garden Potting Bench as the best potting bench because it has an expandable top and hidden sink, and it’s available at an affordable price point. 

Potting benches come in a variety of sizes to fit a range of spaces. When comparing sizes, be sure to also consider how many plants you will be potting and how large of a work top you need to work comfortably. Be sure to measure the depth of the potting bench as well as the width because they can vary quite a bit.

The Topeakmart Potting Bench with Metal Tabletop, the smallest potting bench on our list, offers a compact potting area that can fit into a small space. The largest potting bench on our list, the Homestyles Malo Potting Bench, offers a larger working area so you can spread out a little more as you work. Some potting benches also have tall backs that extend much higher than the countertop level, so be sure to consider how much vertical space you have as well. 

Most potting benches have a lower shelf for storing planters and extra bags of soil and many include a narrow shelf above the worktop for smaller tools. Some, such as the Convenient Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench, also include other storage features, such as hooks for storing tools and built-in drawers. The Yaheetech Outdoor Garden Potting Bench even has a cabinet with a door, which is useful for keeping clutter out of sight. 

Potting benches are made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and recycled plastic or vinyl. Wood is a popular material (just make sure it’s weather-resistant), and it can be stained or painted to customize the look.

Metal often offers a streamlined design and stands up well to the elements. “Metal benches provide a simple and clean look that pairs well with both modern and traditional design styles,” says Jessica Foster, merchant of planters at The Home Depot. “Plastic or vinyl potting benches offer a durable all-weather solution and are the most lightweight option,” Foster says. 

In addition to the overall dimensions, make sure you take note of the dimensions of the actual workspace on the countertop. This might be slightly different than the overall width and depth. Think about how often you’ll likely use the countertop to determine how big of a space you’ll need.

“Bigger is better for me, so 4 feet wide (or even a little larger) is my ideal size,” Hancock says. “Smaller sizes may be more appropriate for you, depending on how much potting you tend to do, what your space is like, and how much storage you’ll need.” 

The best potting benches have convenient features that keep supplies at hand and help you work more efficiently. “If you do a lot of potting, a bench with a built-in basin can be a super-helpful place to store your potting mix,” Hancock says. “Some benches have a basin you can cover when you’re not accessing it so you can utilize the full tabletop.”

Other features such as hooks, shelves, drawers, and other compartments that can help organize gardening essentials. 

Most potting benches are roughly 3 feet tall, but the height varies depending on the potting bench. The best potting bench will suit your height and allow you to work comfortably without bending or stooping.

If you are tall, you might choose a potting bench with a countertop that is a little higher. If you’re shorter, you might work more comfortably at a bench with a lower countertop.

You can keep your potting bench inside in a shed, garage, or greenhouse—or even in your house if you don’t mind the mess that comes with potting plants. Many people choose to keep their potting bench outside on a deck or patio. If you plan to keep it outdoors, be sure to choose a potting bench that is made from a weather-resistant material. 

"Woods such as fir, redwood, cedar, or teak are the best options for an outdoor potting bench,” Foster says. Metal is also a durable option for outside settings.

If you’ll be keeping your potting bench indoors, your choice of material isn’t as important since it doesn’t have to withstand the elements. In that case, feel free to choose a material that looks the best to you—just make sure it’s sturdy.

While the price of a potting bench will vary based on the material and features, many range from $100 to $200. You can find a few benches priced lower than that as well as high-quality ones that will cost quite a bit more.

The Topeakmart Potting Bench with Metal Tabletop is less than $100, while our splurge-worthy pick, the Homestyles Malo Potting Bench will set you back a few hundred dollars. “Prices vary based on the size, style, material, and features included rather than the model or brand,” Foster says. 

Renee Freemon Mulvihill is a freelance writer who specializes in home and garden topics. For this article, she researched a variety of potting benches online and checked in with Justin Hancock, a horticulturalist at Costa Farms, to find out about which features and materials are most important to consider. She also spoke to Jessica Foster, Merchant of Planters at The Home Depot, to find out more about how potting benches vary in terms of size, material, and price. 

The 10 Best Potting Benches of 2023

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